Games That Come With Toys
Thread for games that come with a physical accessory toy! First thing that comes to mind for a lot of people would be something like the Pokéwalker (which Is very cool) but I want to open this thread because I discovered a relatively obscure one in the used games store just the other day and I love what it's doing with the accesory, and I would love to hear about more stuff like this, especially other peoples' favorite touys.

So recently I went to a local used games store to see if they have any good games for me to download later discover casually and there were three washed-out copies of a game called "Wappy Dog", and my first thought was, oh shit! This looks like a cute Nintendogs-type game where you can take care of a silly robot puppy! Let me look it up to confirm that.

[Image: wappydog.jpg]

So I did, and it gets better: it's both that AND one of those physical robot pet toys that became a mini-craze in the mid-late 2000s, mainly through iDog but I remember there being quite a few variations from different companies. I was crazy about the iDog growing up, though I never got one myself, since they were hard to find even back then and the prices for them nowadays are kind of meh.
[Image: wappy_dog_nintendo_ds.jpg]
....So yeah as soon as I realized this was a thing I grabbed a Wappy Dog toy off of eBay for 20 bucks. No DS game came with it, but you don't even need a physical copy; the toy interacts with sound instead of through infrared or anything like that. ...Maybe you could even get the robot OR the ds game to work on its own by using just a video of the other...? Well, anyway.
The gameplay is really cute and consists of two modes; a "home mode" where you "talk" to Wappy though commands on the DS game and the robot talks back and moves around, and a "travel mode" where you do typical Nintendogs gameplay stuff, like feeding, playing and doing tricks.

[Image: Wappy-Dog-Title.png][Image: c9b30719ead28bc1dc49e6d9c6fd93a8205bb0f1.gifv]

I really recommend looking up some videos of the gameplay or even playing it yourself; it's a really cute game (and I'm pretty sure you don't even need the toy to play with the travel mode). I don't think it'll knock your socks off, especially playing it as an adult, but I really love the novelty and the attempt at combining two distinct kinds of virtual pet. It makes me wish someone would do more with this concept in the future, but that kind of depends on a lot of factors, mainly something like the DS ever coming out again (unlikely. the switch certainly doesn't really match the DS's vibe and appeals.) but for now, Wappy Dog is really neat and I'd love to hear about more stuff like it.

To close off, here's one of the Really good, extremely on-the-nose trailers for Wappy. 

"I think he's great :-)"
Wappy Dog is SO cute. I remember watching a video about it some time ago and knowing that if I had had one as a kid I would have been OBSESSED. I loved Nintendogs and was also jealous of all the kids at school who had iDogs, so having both in one product would have blown my little mind. So cool that you saw copies of the game IRL, especially for that cheap. I wonder where they got so many, haha.

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