The Markdown Update

I couldn't fucking take it anymore.

You can use Markdown now.

AND BBcode. Rejoice.

Sing. Dance.

What a wonderful world.

  • Twirl
  • around
  • a little
  • if you want
  1. see
  2. if
  3. I
  4. care.

It doesn't display in the WYSIWYG editor but at least I can copy shit straight from Obsidian to the forums now.

babu baba baby


we can finally have headings instead of big text


doewsnt support images though


hmm, yeah, I don't know if the parser I picked (Parsedown) supports images. And I'm noticing that links starting with http:// or https:// are busted too. I'll look into it another day, should be a pretty easy fix and I can probably just get another parser if it comes to that

babu baba baby


OH HEY I think I fixed it! Now you can do links and images and alt text!!

scary kfc double down

For any fellow mybb users: "Automatically Parse URLs Into Links" was breaking Parsedown, as Parsedown executes after bbcode parsing

babu baba baby


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