The Roleplay Update

Been wanting to roleplay but don't want to have to keep re-introducing your one-off characters? I've got the tool for you!

  1. Upload a character here (small square icons preferred)
  2. Write a brief description if you want
  3. Use its numeric ID (in the url), like the code below:


[He/it] Billy he's the animal

babu baba baby


in case anyone is curious, gallery keywords are space separated and if you put commas in them the comma becomes part of the keyword


encountered a weird bug once but have been unable to replicate it where the text field of replying (full page, not quick reply) wouldn't let you copy paste the code in. Not sure why/wtf is going on but again, can't replicate it so I'm assuming it was just the internet being mad at me.


You can have multiple characters in one post now!

The Mayor

[He/it] Your friendly neighborhood mayor!


[He/she/it] Cat hoarder and general loner.

babu baba baby


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