The Smilies Update
I've added so many new smilies I can't even keep track of the little bitches! Here's the selection, roughly by topic:

Eggle Eggle Face King St. Bee Lesbian King St. Bee Crunchmaster
Billy Paula Billy Face Paula Pog Technical Wechnical
Dunkin Starbuck
Not Coping Cringles Cyclops Smirk
Eating Watermelon with Funny Chicken Sandwich PB&J Peep Cookie Puss
2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
I Love Cream Cheese Seen Every Thing Hi Herbert Bye Herbert
Tiny Spot the Dog Fot Little Red Dog Tired and Weak Shoe
Kujara Prick Bubsy Squishable
Funny Hey Beez Woman Face Protip Divorce

I batch processed a lot of these because Jesus Christ. I'll go back and make the worst of them more readable later. And I will also post a list of explanations for the weirder ones.

Some of the more video game-y ones are gonna be badges for the badge shop.

Here's the even bigger list of ones that didn't make the cut for one reason or another, whether for not being Eggware-related, being art I felt like I couldn't use, or literally couldn't find them or whatever:

So if you recognize any in there that you REALLY need back, let me know.
babu baba baby


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