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Webweaving Thread

webweaving is a format of internet collage that involves juxtaposing various images and quotes together you see it on Carhammer's all the time. this is not about that

webweaving is also a term i've seen used in some indieweb-adjacent spaces i'm in to describe web development and web coding as an amateur hobby rather than an industry professional skill. this includes making personal websites, assets for personal websites, HTML/CSS code for things that aren't necessarily websites (like toyhou.se profiles), et cetera. this is the web development thread

my personal website is over at portfiend.quest, it's a blog/resource/about page sort of thing. i'm more than happy to add people to my friends section of the button sidebar if anyone would like. likewise you don't have to ask me permission to add my button to your site. i also have a character directory website over at spawo.neocities.org

i've also made two templates for the static site generator 11ty, an oc directory template (for making character profiles) and the preference list template (in case you for some reason need to make webpages that contain a list of definitions and your personal opinion on each definition)


vividly imagining preferences list being used for closed species trading

my web site https://wyrm.quest/ i like it

god speaking of toyhouse actually reminds me i still have a couple code ideas ive been rattling around in a big jar. i should get around to those after i fix the damn images on my profile


man, there's something on my website i've been debating for a little bit; early on i made all the pages go under the /p/ subdirectory (e.g. portfiend.quest/p/blog) and ive been wanting to cut that /p/ out but i know breaking URLs can be a really bad idea, especially since i know there are other people that link to pages on my website.

i could go for a redirect, but a) i dont know how to make a mass-redirect to the Real pages efficiently (i.e. covering all of the 50? or so pages on my site) and b) i dont know if this is even a good idea for SEO (winces) reasons

added a now and ideas page to my website. realizing i have quite a bit of ambition dont i. goddamn

added two new pages to my website:

also updated my favicon, my 88x31 button, and my website’s embed thumbnail, and as an aside, updated my /about/now page


made another eleventy-based web development template, this time for webcomics. go check it out here:

Tumblr Post
NeoCities (Live preview)
GitHub (Source code)


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