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saltine crackers
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black forest ham
3 30.00%
chicken wing
2 20.00%
little ceasars
4 40.00%
oreo cookies and milk
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It's Sly! The creature from under the bed
For whatever reason, Sly, my latest blorbo, has now been contained within a room where you (or whoever you want to be) can enter freely but he cannot leave.

Sly is a monster from a land that exists under the bed. He's something between a lizard, an armadillo, a possum, and a stuffed animal.

You are likely too big for Sly to pose any sort of threat to you, and Sly is likely too big for you to pose any sort of threat to him.

Here he is
[Image: sly.jpg]

[Image: sly_II.jpg]

(I made this just for fun to try and get the hang of writing interactions with him as I struggle with dialogue lol. It's not super serious but also don't like, idk, kill him please.)
THIS THING enters. It is the size, shape, and all other qualia of a plush cat.

[Image: acorn_beanie.png]

"Uh." It looks around the room for a bit, then finally notices Sly. "Oh. I think I took a wrong turn somewhere. Do you know where the end of the world is?"
babu baba baby

Sly notices the cat, smaller than he is, but recognizable enough as a cat, and cats can be dangerous... and he notices the other before they do him. He does not seem to know that the TY-eared creature is not a real cat. If real cats are a thing that can be determined from not real cats.

Sly puffs up, standing on all fours and on tippy toes, tail sticking straight up into the air and mouth open wide. He remains stanced like this and jerkily backs into a corner making hissing clicks before the cat does something strange... speech... The monster calms immediately. Animals, generally, did not talk. He suppresses his defensive posture and takes a couple seconds to reply, confident more in the availability of verbal communication. Sheepish at the immediate resort to discomfort towards this stranger.

"A wrong turn... yes... yes... I am here somehow but I cannot leave. A room..." He twitches the tip of his tail ever so slightly and gives the baseboard a hard shove with a front claw.

"Depends on where we are... No end to Earth, if this is Earth... still... but Underbed has an end. Beyond the Wilderlands... I think..."

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