Lore/RP general discussion
As requested, a thread for talking about the lore.

A primer here.

Some loose thoughts I've had shaking around in the ol' noggin:
  • Not everyone wants to RP in chat. Not everyone wants to be OOC in chat. It would be nice to have a way to visually differentiate these. I would specifically like to have a separate ingame chat channel for RP, but that seems to be mainly a Spigot plugin thing, and we are not a Spigot server...blaaargghhghg. Until I can make any progress on this I think any serious RP is gonna have to wait because I can't break character every five minutes to do tech support.
  • in the meantime I guess you could prefix with "IC:" or something if you need the clarification, I just want to avoid OOC brackets bc I don't want no-live-RP players to feel like they have to bracket everything
  • Haven't done them in a while, but most of the really RP-y things I've done in the past have been holiday events
  • Some canon characters that I'm probably gonna have to write about individually: Flavis, The Chicken Man, Squirby, Mayor Dinnerbone, Anvil
  • The staple canon locations that usually get remade: Rainbow Corner, Sandcastle, Wither Mesa, Gay Commune, The Dig
  • Nobody on the server knows what the paintings depict. Uh, I guess Feely and Chips probably recognize themselves, but who knows why they're depicted in ancient paintings
babu baba baby

Since my favorite thing in this modpack is cooking, I thought I'd set up a little spot to hold ingredients, cookware, and meals, with an area for people to hang out in while they cook. I still don't have a name for it aside from "Food World" but I think I would like it as lore that my character (Sam, my fursona, but Minecraft I guess) runs it himself, rather than just an anonymous build like I tend to make. I like adapting my natural play to a character, so I think Minecraft Sam will lean into the "gatherer" archetype I tend to take when playing, too.

Also oh man I need to pick a spot for Squirby this time...I took way too long to build him last server. Maybe I'll wait until Rainbow Corner is made, at least. And it might finally be time for a real Chicken Man sequel. Especially since there's other birds now.
[Image: xY8boLF.png]
here's our guy, pseudocolor! as they appear in game, anyway.

[Image: cqnlg2a.png]

here's what they look like in actuality (design by baa on toyhouse!). they use they/he pronouns and are Technically plural, but don't really have words for it yet and just kind of assumes "oh well everyone has Moods. i just have Moods. i'm a weird guy. :)". very friendly, artistic, and a stowaway on the boat that crashed everyone here, presumably to get away from a bad history and start somewhere fresh- wherever that may be. he formerly worked as an artist for hire in his last home, but has regained a new passion for art in the form of stonework after discovering ruins by Nariko while wandering around. he's decided to not just live in said ruins but to continue exploring and renovating them, adding more stone to what's already there and expanding into the caves beneath them. how he's able to move these stones even with what appears to be very little strength otherwise is, as he puts it, "just his little trick. ;)"

the worms on his back can pop in and out independently, and those with faces can speak their own opinions- system members cofronting, so to speak. his tail also seems to have on and off opinions, but is far quieter than the worms.

he is absolute dogshit at fighting and requires people to come over and help him fight things whenever he wants to explore new and dangerous parts of his cave. they definitely still come over to the village frequently to chat with others and trade for goods, and try to keep pleasant relationships with those who will give their weird ass the time of day.

this is very blatantly inspired by our minecraft playstyle, because that's fun!
Praise be, ye sinners! This is the most high Rev. Name Withheld, High Abbot of the Temple of the Perpetual Adoration of the Golden Apple, Mother Superior of the Our Mother of Madness Convent, Fellow of the State of Denial University, Most Staunch Defender of the Golden Apple, Preoccupied Philosopher of Their Own Sublime Style, Master of the Five Golden Secrets for Business and Pleasure, Proclaimer of the Gilded Word of The Lady of Chaos, and General Numbskull, broadcasting LIVE from the Shrine to the Perpetual Glory of the Golden Apple of Eris, here to proclaim the WORD of our Goddess!

For SHE is the one and only true goddess, for she is the only goddess who acknowledges she does not exist! Come and attend our services in the Shrine, participate in our charitable works, DIG in our fucking HOLE! Yeee! Yip! Yip! I'm rip-snorting and raring to go! YEEEEEEEEE!
Ok so. This is Bunny. Just "Bunny". He/him.
He joined the crew of S.S. Houndstooth because of a bad breakup. He broke it off himself, but it was because of his own reservations and insecurities, so he felt the need to run away, at least for a while. Now he's stuck in the middle of nowhere!!! :D

Upon first wandering into (and eventually out of) Nariko, he's skittish and unsure, but over time, mostly catalyzed by the discovery of his and the other inhabitants' immortality, he starts to care a lot less about consequences. 
He's agreeable, but comes across as cold or even cruel; in truth, he still has plenty of his original kindness and meekness left, but has buried it under spite towards his previous failure in relationships. He's in a constant struggle with this self-made artificial roadblock in the face of his need to have a live with meaning (and meaningful relationships). At least it means he'll do pretty much any mundane task or mercenary work for next to nothing in return, just for something to do that means something (especially to someone else). He'll claim he's just bored, of course.
[Image: minecraftbunny1.png]
[Image: minecraftbunny2.png]
[Image: minecraftbunny3.png]

Oh. And Chips is there too. I wasn't going to initially include him, but then I realized him being in the paintings would be strange if he wasn't, SO technically he's there. Roaming around Nariko and its outskirts like a ridiculous cryptid. I tried to imagine how he got there, and so this is what I visualized. He may have stowed away on Houndstooth specifically, or even a different ship entirely....whatever is funniest <3
[Image: minecraftchips.png]
[Image: BS9817Y.png]
These are really rough doodle-y sketches but I wanted to show off what my mental image of my Eggcraft player character is. Since Will made me a custom player model of my fursona, Sam, I've been playing as him, but the original skin I made years ago of my robot sona is still "under" that and displayed in the "players online" menu.

I had the idea that Billy, on another plane of existence, asked Sam, his girlfriend, if he wanted to play Minecraft with him. Sam, of course, said yes, and requested he himself be put in the game. This ended up with mad wizard Billy putting a completely sapient copy of Sam into the game as a "skin" over a robot body. This Sam is incredibly confused as to why he is in Minecraft, since he has all the memories of "real" Sam, and it's a fucked up SOMA situation of sorts.

He prefers to do simpler, more "real" things in game, like fishing and cooking, as opposed to monster-fighting, but he does like to mine and dig mass amounts of blocks, as he is still a dog. He tries to live a simple life with The Mayor's help, but unfortunately, the robot body he was placed into (or, well...over) has a mind of its own. They are constantly at odds, as the robot wants to adventure and loot, and Sam wants to stay home and farm. They reach a tentative compromise, with the robot using Sam's mining and farming gains to have safer adventures, but there's still a lot they don't agree on. They start to become closer, though, when Sam shares his stories of partially being an entity that exists beyond Minecraft, and the robot shares some stories of its own, having experienced several different versions of Eggcraft itself.

I wanted to reconcile having two sonas in Minecraft that both already existed outside of Minecraft, and making them semi-RP characters at the same time, so why not weird system body-sharing shenanigans?

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