Matt "Photomatt" Mullenweg Dies In Car Hammer Explosion

(deep breath)

(screams into a pillow)

huckleton Wrote:basically a popular transfem tumblr blogger (predstrogen) has been complaining for months that tumblr support does nothing about the stalking and harassment she was receiving; she made a post on her blog wishing over-the-top cartoon violence on the CEO of tumblr (imagine "i hope the ceo gets exploded in a car covered with hammers" it was something completely ridiculous) and got her account completely nuked. this pissed a lot of people off and photomatt (the tumblr ceo) doubled down for some fucking reason and basically had a Public Social Media Meltdown, at some point he threatened to call the police and FBI on the girl who was banned, he started DMing individual people who were criticizing him for all this, he ended up accidentally revealing that the "there was actual TERFs on tumblr staff" theory was previously true, and people are calling for a lawsuit

brilokuloj Wrote:i think one of the main things is that her account got nuked for false accusations like sexual content that wasnt there or something
i dont follow her but i do look at her blog from time to time and its never gotten any more graphic than shit i've posted on this dumbass site for years
i think like "getting banned for wanting the CEO to explode" would be. not exactly Reasonable but certainly To Be Expected. but lying and sexualizing her over it is so classic terfy tumblr gaslighting

like i have seen this happen with her and others and the staff can never give a straight story on why they are doing what they are doing. and i usually try to be skeptical when people are alleging they are getting singled out (sounds mean but this IS the piss-on-the-poor site) but it is indeed consistent that on tumblr trans women get banned and staff manifests a completely bullshit reason that makes no sense

Photomatt in response to people telling him he is not being threatened Wrote:Ah sorry, | missed the first part of the post, where it says it hopes | die forever a painful death involving a car covered in hammers that explodes more than a few times and the hammers go flying everywhere.

Photomatt on the future of the site Wrote:As far as I'm aware improving moderation tools both for staff and regular users wasn't on TumbIr's roadmap when I left, but I hope this raises awareness within the team. When I'm back to work in May this will definitely be on my mind. as well as if we should continue to invest TumbIr at all if it's going to harbor such toxicity and harassment. The mob misinformation and harassment makes people scared to work on Tumblr, and likely drives away scores of good creators, Blaze posters, advertisers, and subscribers—the folks who will make Tumblr a sustainable endeavor.

brilokuloj Wrote:theme song of photomatt going outside

The cherry on top came this morning when I learned Photomatt had leaked dozens of Avery's NSFW sideblogs, IN A REPLY TO ONE OF HER SELFIES ON TWITTER:

Photomatt Wrote:When will you be honest with your followers? That the repeated adult content violations were not pictures like this, but likely ones on your other accounts (actual names): [REDACTED, but some of the most amazing blog titles I have ever seen]

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