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Nintendo hates citrus fruit (goodbye Yuzu and Citra)

Nintendo wins $2.4M in Switch emulator lawsuit, Yuzu to shut down

Quote:Makers of Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu owe Nintendo $2.4 million after reaching a settlement with the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom developer, following a lawsuit over the open-source emulator just last week. Both Nintendo and Tropic Haze, the company behind Yuzu, filed for a final judgment and permanent injunction on Monday, according to court documents, after Nintendo accused the Yuzu makers of copyright infringement, circumvention of Nintendo’s Switch protections, and selling those circumvention technologies as Yuzu, among other things.

Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra taken offline as collateral damage in Yuzu lawsuit settlement

Quote:The developers of Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu entered a surprise settlement with Nintendo on Monday, agreeing to pay the game company $2.4 million in damages and cease development and distribution of the emulator. Now, as a result of that settlement, Citra—a 3DS emulator that shared developers with Yuzu—has also been taken offline.

Gotta be real with you, this sucks major ass. I don't have much to say here because I don't wanna get too doomer on it and this is a bit depressing for li'l ol' me.

I need to make more posts about new things being put into the world...

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como told us about this this's fucking horrendous


Made this into a megathread.

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god fuck this shit. literally talking with my friends about it rn and how it's genuinely evil bullshit. i'll have more insightful commentary later


Nintendo takes down Vimm's lair

Sad news for the vault

Quote:Sad news tonight. Nintendo of America has requested for 717 games and their images to be removed from The Vault. Each download plus it's box art and screen shots are no longer available.

Final Update

Quote:Look closer and uses for email. One of their services is Protecting Online Brand Identity and Reputation and this feature jumps out:

    Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot more forms of infringement.
    Infringements often manifest in online brand logos, trademarked text, and product imagery. Our platform uses Visual AI to focus on these visual aspects of branding and related media. By augmenting text-based detection, Visual AI is not restricted by channel, and also mitigates emerging threats. Visual AI organizes potential infringements by indicators found in the image for efficiency and enforcement at scale.

Sounds perfect for detecting screen shots of Nintendo games. Some of the claims are clearly invalid (like Kamisama no Marionette) but frankly it's not worth poking the bear. Ultimately this whole fuss could have been avoided by just removing images from the start, and few would likely notice they're gone. Downloads have been restored but to appease Skynet the box scans, disc scans, and title screens of the requested games will remain offline.


Quote:I received a follow-up notice today from correcting the wording (and grammar) of the originals. The referenced downloads have been permanently removed.

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Nintendo takes down Heaven Studio

Quote:Nintendo has filed a DMCA takedown against fan-made software 'Heaven Studio', a tool which enabled people to upload their own music and pair it with one of the rhythm-based minigames from the Rhythm Heaven series.

As reported by TorrentFreak (thanks, VGC), the Heaven Studio GitHub repository has been removed following Nintendo's request, which cites copyright on the assets included with the software.

The makers of the tool shared on Twitter that, despite receiving bogus takedown complaints from people purporting to be Nintendo, this latest one appears to be the real deal.

Quote:For their part, the makers of Heaven Studio insist that this isn't the end, saying that, "Heaven Studio isn't dead, or going to die, but it's going to be quiet for a bit. We need to make some major changes, and those changes are going to take time."

The fandom reaction to this is how I realized that there hasn't been a new Rhythm Heaven game in nearly a decade. Awesome stuff, Nintendo!

babu baba baby


This is so fucked too because you literally cannot buy a copy of any RH game directly from Nintendo right now. The 3DS eShop was taken down, so you can't even buy Megamix, the nearly-decade-old most recent game.


fuck nintendo honestly.
Pisses me off. If you're not gonna sell the game you deserve there to be people circulating it for free. Sell me the damn product for a reasonable amount or shut up about "muh piracy"
The internet archive is dealing with a bunch of fuckhead publishers not wanting them to lend their books likea literal library because they are a literal library and I'm just sick of it. Lately I've been getting everything free online and easy largely because it's too much of a pain in the ass to go through boober 600 and amazon fuck shit or whatever hell streaming service has the rights to an obscure 80s horror movie this month. Netflix killed blockbuster just to shit itself in a capitalism fueled breakdown. I fucking hate it here. "capItaLism BreEds InnOvAtIon" my fucking ass.

What a neat little program. Same it got taken down but unsurprising. Nintendo has been going after FAN MADE sheetmusic lately too. I'm not even sure they have any legal grounds to do that. Transposing falls under same freedom of speech as fan art.

Just keep circulating the tapes I guess.


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