Panera's lethal lemonade strikes again

About a month ago, I discussed a topic that had grown heavy on my mind:

Quote:ive been seeing people get mcdonalds hot coffee over those nightmarish caffeine drinks at panera
"how bad can it be if its at panera"

its the fucking daily maximum intake. its the content of two energy drinks in the size of half. AND its dehydrating sugar water

A friend had this to say:

Quote:that is literally going to kill people

Family sues Panera Bread after college student who drank Charged Lemonade dies

Quote:An Ivy League student with a heart condition died after she drank Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade, a large cup of which contains more caffeine than cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks combined, according to a lawsuit.

The Charged Lemonade was “offered side-by-side with all of Panera’s non-caffeinated and/or less caffeinated drinks” and was advertised as a “plant-based and clean” beverage that contained as much caffeine as the restaurant’s dark roast coffee, according to photos of both the menu and beverage dispensers in the store, which were included in the wrongful death lawsuit.

But at 390 milligrams, the large Charged Lemonade has more caffeine than any size of Panera’s dark roast coffee, the complaint says — numbers that the nutrition facts on Panera’s website confirm. It also has guarana extract, another stimulant, as well as the equivalent of nearly 30 teaspoons of sugar, the complaint continues, adding that 390 milligrams of caffeine is higher than the caffeine content of standard cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks combined. Katz had gotten the large cup, which is 30 fluid ounces, according to the attorney representing her family. 

Just when I thought I had forgotten about it, guess what crosses my Tumblr dashboard?

Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade blamed for a second death, lawsuit alleges

Quote:Dennis Brown, of Fleming Island, Florida, drank three Charged Lemonades from a local Panera on Oct. 9 and then suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on his way home, the suit says.

Brown had consumed Charged Lemonades in the days leading up to his death, according to Monday’s wrongful death lawsuit, which was filed in Delaware, where Panera is incorporated.

It is unclear whether Brown knew how much caffeine and other stimulants were in the drink, which at the time of his death was available in self-serve dispensers and “offered side-by-side with all of the store’s non-caffeinated and/or less caffeinated drinks,” the suit says.

I've had one of these. It tasted like licking a car battery. I would not drink one again even if you paid me, especially because I do have a heart condition.


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This is so messed up. The fact that you can get these in Large sizes is horrifying - I have seen a Panera large drink and it is huge, the size of a McDonalds large, I swear.


I am writing an article about the current state of Panera Bread. The thing is, I have only gone there once, and I did NOT like it, so I'd like to balance this out a bit. Do you guys have any personal Panera stories you'd like to share that aren't just about how much you hate tomato slices? I will credit you if I quote you <3

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I actually like Panera a good bit, though I haven't been to one in probably over a year. I used to go more often when there was one right next to my childhood dentist office, since after each visit my family got Panera afterwards. When I was younger I would only ever get a pastry (usually cherry) and maybe one of their Cinnamon Crunch bagels, but within the last few years I dared to try their sandwiches, and I actually really like their Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwiches. Their smoothies are usually good enough too. I'm not Panera's diehard defender by any means, but I do think that their food is honestly pretty good. I can at least call it better than Subway, and I like Subway.


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