The IHATEART resources compendium

Currently hosted on my personal site, which feels a little presumptuous, but it got me to upload it sooner than later. If we grow, I'll set up a subdomain or something.

It's a directory of links compiled by me, from submissions by our very own community members. If you put stuff in this thread, I might add it to this page.
a lot of the resources i collect are for different types of artists - web designers, graphic designers, some product design stuff, some game developer assets. some of them have the Energy of some out-of-touch corporation somewhere superficially trying to portray a squeaky clean image (hard to describe but it makes me annoyed), so i apologize in advance for that

  • Literally Everything from fonts to templates to stock graphics to patterns. every week they have a set of free goods; if you click the download buttons, it'll be permanently registered to your purchase history and can be downloaded at any time. i've been collecting assets from Creative Market since 2019
  • (video game assets)

free-to-use photos:
vectors, icons, vector icons:
emoji repositories
(linking these because my start in vector art was making emoji edits, they help to get used to vector programs like Inkscape)
web development:
Awesome!! Thank you! I love how many of these are web dev. I'll go through these and add them next time I'm feeling up to it.

Taking this opportunity to list
update: i mirrored my resource list to GitHub! this repository may be updated in the future when i think of more things to add, in addition to tutorials in the future
Updated with Huckleton's resources and some others shared in the Discord.

I think it's probably time I think about making this its own subdomain, with categories and tags. But that means I have to design. And maybe even code. *cries*

a random file picker utility for windows explorer. absolutely indispensible to our workflow, one of the first things we install on a new computer because we literally feel naked and helpless without it. perhaps very specific, but if you have it and need it, you'll be thrilled to not have to roll dice or something
i havbe finally released the first version of my OC directory template:, perfect if you wanna make a website for storing info/art on characters / worldbuilding / stories / et cetera. i may update this at a later date with improvements - right now the class names on the card templates are REALLY bugging me. also there's apparently an eleventy bug where new files dont receive directory data which is ANNOYING
#8 another one for the foundry list webfont gallery also

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